SDSSS has independent well-furnished library which caters to the needs of the students under the supervision of qualified Librarian. Library with its comprehensive collection of 2000 academic and reference books. It is working library and a peaceful place of study and recreation for students of all classes. On the lower level of the building is a separate fiction section with its own comfortable reading room. Audio CDs, DVDs are available for borrowing.
    Students make very good use of the library for independent study and creative pursuits. The Library for the staff is equipped with all latest journals, books and other reading materials.


    The school has well equipped interactive board having (Audio Visual aid) with all modern tools i.e. projector of educational technology in each classroom of the school and powered by extramarks. We have well trained faculties to make the classroom useful to all students.

    New methods and technologies are being introduced in teaching. The student requires much more than text books hence the teaching through media is introduced in our school. The system caters information beyond the textbooks and syllabus. The additional information can be provided to the students from resource centre.

  • Computer

    A part from the theory covered in the computer science portions, students are given extensive practical training. This includes a more rigorous understanding of spreadsheets, database management, graphics, internet and basic programming. Several projects are also assigned by subject teachers, which have to be completed using the computer.

  • Internet Facility

    School provides the facilities to have the latest information related to their subjects and references. School has dedicated internet connectivity and is accessible for 24 hours. The Server is connected to all the departments through LAN.

  • Science Lab

    Any format of science is incomplete unless it is practiced in laboratory with latest facilities; In our school we have in our science department Biology Lab, Physics lab, Chemistry Lab, Maths, Social science, Arts and craft room of modern Qualities with highly educated and trained teachers to provide a safe experimental exposure.

  • House System

    To work for effective management of school activities, discipline and foster the spirit de corps the school has established a House System. Each student is allocated one of the four houses. The names of the houses are Rose, Tapti, Surya and Aravalli signifying the aims and deals for students to work in collaboration and develop the spirit of teamwork.


    The school lays great emphasis on curricular activities. They form an integral part of the school curriculum. Following are some of the activities that are organized by different clubs.
    SCIENCE CLUB objective is to popularise and create interest in scientific learning. It also celebrates the Science Week every year with Seminars, Quizzes and Essay Writing Contests etc.
    ECO Club is very actively functioning in our school. The children are planting different types of trees.

  • Games

    The school has sufficient big stadium/ playgrounds for the physical development of the students. Facilities exist for all major indoor and outdoor games including Athletics, Archery, Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, Cricket, Kho – kho, Football, Karate, tug of war, Chess and Carom etc. Every year the students of SDSSS participate in regional I national athletic meet, kho-kho and volleyball organized by HBSE.

  • Festival

    The school celebrates religious festivals like Holi, Dussehra, Diwali, Guru Nanak’s birthday, Christmas, Eid etc. National festivals like Independence Day and Republic Day are celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm. The children are encouraged to worship and say their prayers.

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